An Affiliate provides a website where marketing material of Bellfruitcasino is placed and directly linked to For referred players the affiliate gets paid a commission.
Affiliate Website
The affiliate website is the website operated and owned by the affiliate.
Percentage payable to affiliate based on commission base.
Commission Base
Commission base means the estimated gross revenue generated via one player less administration fees, VAT and converted bonus money and is the basis for the revenue share.
Commission Player
Player who paid in at least 10€ and played at least three matches for real money.
Commission Player Plus 20
Player who paid in at least 20€ and staked at least 20€.
Commission Player Plus 50
Player who paid in at least 50€ and staked at least 50€.
Converted Bonus
Bonus money converted into real money.
CPA Payment Plan – Cost Per Acquisition
Payment plan, where the affiliate gets paid a referral fee for real money players.
Double OptIn
Player who registered and confirmed his email address.
Double OptIn Plus
Player who registered, confirmed his email address and played at least ten matches.
Deposits total
Deposit Player
Player who has made a successful deposit.
Deposit Player Plus 20
Player who paid in at least 20€ and played at least ten matches for real money.
Gross Revenue
Gaming revenue calculated as a percentage of the player’s real money stakes.
Handling Fee
Charge backs, service costs and transaction costs.
Landing Page
Predetermined website of the advertising where the visitor is redirected.
Marketing Material
Art work like banners, microgames, text links etc. which can be placed on the affiliate’s website.
PartnerID is a unique identification number which identifies the affiliate.
Payment Plan
Payment Plan means either a CPA or revenue share payment plan chosen by the affiliate at the registration.
Withdrawal total
Player means any person using any products or services on whether attached to the affiliate’s tracker or not.
Real Money Player
Real money player means any person who is attached to the affiliate’s tracker who
  • has not been a Player with before
  • is not located in a Restricted Territory
  • who has made the Minimum Required Deposit
  • is accepted as a Player under any applicable sign up or identity verification procedure
  • has accumulated the required number of Games
Revenue Share Payment Plan
Payment Plan based on a share of the Commission base generated by the Affiliate’s Real Money Players.
Single OptIn
Single OptIn Plus
Player who registered and played at least ten matches.
Tracker means the unique tracker URL that Affiliate provides exclusively to the affiliate, through which Players´ and Real Money Players´ activities are tracked and commission is calculated. Every tracker is uniquely identified by its TrackerID.
Traffic Source
Traffic source means the country from where the affiliate’s visitors are coming.
Unique Click
Number of definite clicks on the advertising. Only the first click of each device is counted.